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Paul Green Wendy Sandal

Product Description:
1" heel. 6.00 oz. The 'Wendy' sandal from Paul Green is just in time for warmer weather. Flexible rubber sole. Leather lined footbed with excellent arch support. Patent leather upper.
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Product Showcase:

I needed a shoe to wear to work where I am on my feet the whole time and I wanted comfort. When I say you can't go wrong with Merrell's, I mean it! I am very happy with them, satisfied completely with my purchase and my feet are smiling at the end of the day instead of screaming for a break! I'm smiling because of the prices at Shoebuy.com and how quick they are with shipping! Once again, I am a happy shopper! These are marvelous, comfortable shoes/sneakers. They are light weight and not bulky or clunky for a sneaker. Their zipper front is a pleasure to slip off and on. They fit like a glove. I find the Paul Green diva boots supportive and the sandals helped me through a time with a heel spur. I've had these particular Merrells in blue and brown and just found the silver and white for summer, but the black was not easy to find. However, Shoebuy.com came through and I received the black ones promptly.

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