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Paul Green Symone Shoes, Womens Wedge

Product Description:
3 1/4" heel. Sawtooth-style rubber sole. Built-in arch support. Leather lining. Suede, patent or leather upper with adjustable ankle strap. Refresh your summer look with these fun platform wedges.
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Product Showcase:

I wanted a Paul Green sandal that wasn't just a thong. (Although I have a few of their thongs and like them too). This is not as casual looking yet as comfortable as a thong. The British tan color makes it stylish. I have size 11 W feet with a corn on my right pinky toe. The toe box in this sandal really allows for freedom of movement in your toes. Because of the higher arch, your foot does not slip out of this sandal either. Super comfy with leggings, jeans and capris. I live in Paulgreens.  My Physical Therapist only wore Merrells and that got my attention. I love them. I don't plan to buy any other brand anymore. I have some foot/knee/hip issues and these shoes have really helped. Love them. I bought these shoes because I'm finding that as I get older, I can no longer wear flat shoes without support. My feet, legs and knees would be in such excruciating pain. So much so that for me to simply stand up would be very difficult. These, on the other hand are 'flat', but give me the support that I need. Paul Green dana shoes are beautiful, stylish and functional. You can wear Merrell brand shoes all day without discomfort. Believe me when I tell you, my feet, legs and knees are happy. I own 3 pairs of Merrell brand shoes, each a different style and I love them all equally.

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