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Cole Haan Shoes Reviews


Cole Haan Company's Profile and Customer Reviews:
Cole Haan started its operations in 1928, when Eddie Haan and Trafton Cole designed their first pair of footwear. It happened in Chicago at the jazz age. At first they only manufactured shoes for men, but with time and success they quickly managed to offer very wide range of choices for women as well. Quality is their main priority, as you may have noticed their styles are priced higher than that of their competitor brands, this is because their styles go through extensive quality checks before selling it to their customers. At current age, they have even expanded further now offering huge collection of belts, handbags, eyewear and other leather products. Cole Haan is the only company that feature alligator skin shoes from farms maintained in America.

Its prime objective is to make you feel the luxury. Their designers are specially instructed to make each style a special, never ever will you find 2 pieces in a shoe exactly the same. Each style is handcrafted to its finest detail. Beauty is not enough when it comes to footwear, it must also feel comfortable, therefore they have fitted majority of their shoes with NIKE Air technology to boost the comfort to the maximum level possible.

Following are the reviews submitted by customers who purchased Cole Haan:

1. Snag lots of compliments - I purchased three pairs of their boots: Brooks (too clunky for me and very masculine), the Waverly (well constructed and nice looking but a tad large) and this design: The Kona, my favorite of the three by far. These didn't feel too huge, like the others. No half sizes means going up, and that wasn't a problem with the Air Bria shoe. They feel like slippers: so easy to get on and off. The toggle straps are a cute feature and gives them a unique look. If you plan to walk in them a lot, I'd recommend inserts. They look great w/ tights and a short skirt, as well as w/ pants. Not a sleek boot, but definitely youthful and cute. For a sleek very comfortable boot, I recommend the Dansko Nena.

2. Love love love It! These boots are delicious on the feet. I couldn't imagine how a poron footbed would equal the comfort of the wool in my other Cole Haan, but they feel just as wonderful and also perfect without socks. The espresso color is rich! Sizing is different than my other Cole Haans (Classic, Ultra, Sunburst and Tasmans) which all fit me at size 8. After reading the reviews I ordered my true size 10 and they fit perfectly! Yes, I'm an Colehaan fanatic and all these boots keep my feet toasty warm in single digit weather and thus, have liberated me from the chills forever!

3. Don't get them wet! It's hard to find boots for winter that don't make you look or feel like Nanook of the North. Not as warm as you would think a shearling boot should be...the sole transmits cold. The manufacturer’s suggestions that one wear these barefoot is a joke. The shearling has not been treated to as to repel water and quality after-market sprays haven't been that effective. Light color is a poor choice, shows dirt very easily, although not salt stains. Not a good winter boot for snow. Feels smaller than size indicates--and I have a very small foot.

4. Worth every penny!!! I bought these shoes as a special Christmas gift to myself after years of living with bunions which I inherited from my parents and finally having them removed last year. I will never forget the first time I slipped them on and saw how neat they looked compared to how my previous shoes looked when I had bunions sticking out on each side of my feet. They are comfortable from the tip of my toes to the top of the shaft of the shoes. The padding inside is so cozy that I don't even have to wear socks. By the way, this is my 2nd pair of Cole Haan from Zappos. The first pair I bought were Scuffs to comfort my feet after I had the bunion surgery and back then I vowed to follow up with these new Konas.

5. Kept me warm at the Ice Bowl! What a great boot! I was never a big fan of Cole Haan - tending to prefer heals and pointy toes. But, I needed to get a warm pair of boots for the Ice Bowl (Outdoor hockey game) and Cole Haan Shoes were the top recommendation... Kept me warm at Niagara Falls on New Years Eve and at the game. I would HIGHLY recommend the waterproof spray... after walking through the mud pit they called a parking lot, I thought my Cole Haan Carma pump were surely ruined and cringed with every step. Got home and let them dry - WOW! They brushed clean (with suede brush) and looked new. Never had that kind of experience with any other brand of waterproof spray. I bought the insoles for extra comfort and warmth. So many compliments on these boots!

6. Love them!! These shoes are AMAZING!!! I have knee and lower back problems and my new kitchen job clearly required a lot of standing, this I knew would put a strain on my knee and back. I ordered these shoes and the next afternoon I had them! I work on average 10 hours a day, no less than 8, but sometimes more 12 or more hours! After those especially long days I am thankful for my shoes. Yes my feet and legs are tired, but I can't tell I was on my feet for 12 hours! I feel like I've only worked about 5 full hours standing and running back and forth. At previous jobs (with other shoes) I would come home and take off my shoes at once, before putting down my purse even! I sit around in these and actually forget that they are on! I love them and they are amazing. There is no other way to describe them! And as far as kitchen/non-slip shoes go, they are pretty darn cute!

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